☺ Mick, Bailey
Atl, i.e. Atlanta, Georgia, Southern United States ➫

Product Designer at Clutch /
Creative Lead at Kenzie Lane 🔑 Innovation


Design Manager at Coca-Cola /
Sign Maker at Custom Signs Today

“The internet is the best way to get on the net.” Icon elsewhere dribbble 7440e26e74514cdd91dd343781bd5eaeabcaddd833b5795e6c98fd2510b07047

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Hello, welcome Burrito Destoryer. Isn't pier just a half ass bridge? Y/N.
I skate Mondays!

Custom sk8boards and cruisers at Citizen Supply at PCM in O4W.

If Kurt Cobain had never been born, would Smells Like Teen Spirit have been writen eventually by someone else?